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SAT Classes in UAE

Briighter Prep offers SAT classes in Dubai in 7 locations, SAT classes in Dubai are for 72 hours with 18 hours for SAT Quant & 18 hours for SAT Verbal followed by 40 hours of mock test with unlimited1-1 review sessions. SAT Quant & Verbal classes are conducted by certified SAT trainers.

SAT Classes in Dubai, JLT branch are every Friday - Saturday from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Our Emirates towers branch in Dubai has SAT classes scheduled for weekend and weekdays depending on student availability.

SAT classes in Sharjah UAE are conducted as per student flexibility.

Motor City Branch in Dubai conducts weekday SAT classes i.e.  Sunday - Thursday from 7 pm to 9 pm.

SAT classes in Abu Dhabi consist of a total of  72 hours of classes, 18 hours for SAT Quant & 18 hours for SAT Verbal and 40 hours of mock test with unlimited1-1 review sessions.

SAT Quant & Verbal classes are conducted by certified SAT trainers. This has been a successful SAT prep strategy to approach will improve the score.

6 Maths and 7 Verbal classes accounting for a total of 40 hours are included. students can schedule the SAT classes as per the availability.

Apart from the above, students get unlimited doubt clearing sessions and special SAT review classes just near the exam date

Duration of SAT Classes

SAT - We at Brighter Prep have a unique style of mentoring and preparing students for SAT.As the test is a standardized and psychometric test , it needs a strategic preparation to ace

on the test day. Many students have  a misconception that they can prepare by themselves because they study English and Math at school.However, its not mere Math and English which is tested. So, We help the students comprehend that the test has its own tricks to deceive the test taker by increasing the flaws in the options.It is not a subjective test.Therefore it is a real challenge to pick the right answer especially in English.Further to fix the  dichotomy of the students after identifying their weaker areas , our experienced Trainers  handle 12 sessions, which are 6 verbal and 6 quant sessions, and make them ready for the test .Our teaching pedagogy includes 3 hours mentoring to help students prepare for the actual test scenario followed by reviews sessions every week till the student takes the test and gets the admission in their dream college.

Best Time to SAT Training Classes

The best time to start preparation would be from the eleventh grade. Students would have enough time to focus on the test metrics and weaker areas if any. It also proved that those who started two years in advance had better scores on the test. This is because of two reasons as we noticed at Brighter Prep. Firstly, students  knew their weaker areas and mentors focused on them and helped them to increase their scores.

However the twelfth grade students might as well perform better if they start as soon as they have started their 12th grade. Its never too late to start the preparation. Our experienced mentors give personalized study plan to help the students reach their desired scores.

Below are the Top Reasons to Chose SAT Training Classes

There are many reasons to prioritise the SAT classes if one wants to get into top universities.

Firstly to know how the actual test works one needs to have a hands on experience while preparing with the simulated tests.

Secondly no one is an exception because if one takes the test cursorily rather than being punctilious , the test can really surprise with scores lower than 800.To overcome all of these

unforeseen scenarios we at Brighter Prep highly recommend students to enroll for classes from prestigious test preparatory academies. I would highly recommend Brighter because we

pay individual attention to the students with diversified backgrounds.


There are ample reasons for enrolling for the classes however I would conclude by saying that a student definitely needs a certified trainer to cater the test prep requirements keeping the global competition to get an admit into Universities.

SAT Class in Schedule Dubai 

SAT Course in DIFC, Dubai Every Thursday After 7 Weeks Thursday-Saturday 2-5 Pm
SAT Classes in JLT, Dubai Every Friday After 7 Weeks Friday- Saturday 2-5 Pm
SAT Classes in Motor City Dubai Every Saturday After 7 Weeks Saturday-Sunday 3-6 Pm
SAT Classes in Al Nahda, Dubai Every Friday After 7 Weeks Friday- Saturday 7-9 Pm


SAT Classes are conducted at all 7 locations, including Sharjah & Abu dhabi.

The training classes timings are decided keeping in mind the flexibility & time duration of the class.

Brighter prep has SAT certified trainers with 99 percentile score.

The new SAT test is greatly valued by numerous students at brighter prep, who report extremely high scores. more brilliant prep sat preparation course keeps running for 6-weeks and is trailed by SAT review classes two times per week until the up and coming test date. 

While the SAT is an important aspect of a college application, however there are several other factors to pay attention such as your high school GPA, academic transcript, letters of recommendation and personal essays.

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Why Chose Brighter Prep for SAT Classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

1.Proven SAT Test Strategies: Brighter prep has built proven SAT test strategies with the help of top SAT Tutors in UAE to help you score high in SAT test.

2.Certified SAT Tutors:  Brighter Prep has certified SAT tutors with 99 percentiles score Our SAT tutors adapt to learn latest SAT test preparation methods

3.Expert College Admission Consultants: Brighter Prep US educational consultants help you prepare your application road map & suggest on SAT training program

4.SAT Prep Course & Training Classes :And finally, you have an option to choose from 1-1 SAT training classes to SAT group prep course session. Students have flexibility to choose from any of our 6 branches in UAE or continue SAT training classes at your convenient location, select SAT prep Course that best meets your requirements and begin your SAT preparation for a higher score.

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SAT Course & Study Material for Dubai, UAE Students

Brighter Prep offers study material prepared by certified trainers by understand & analyzing latest SAT test questions, it is an updated guide for complete SAT Preparation

Brighter prep offers top SAT Preparation course in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Our SAT training program includes course material prepared by top SAT certified trainers in UAE.

The SAT test formats are regularly changed. Brighterprep team of SAT trainers is continually investigating the most recent inquiry designs, patterns and so on. These progressions are then followed, examined and fitting systems grew as needs be.

The majority of this data is then passed onto our exhaustive SAT manuals. Subsequently, our SAT trainers team has made world class content for our new course and online assets to enable understudies to explore through the SAT and be set up on test day. These materials are then educated to understudies by our very qualified and ensured SAT tutors.



10 basic steps to get a perfect score on the SAT Math.

1. Start with learning all math concepts tested on the SAT.

2. Practice different strategies that could possibly help you solve the question effectively.

3. Read the question carefully.

4. Do not skip steps while solving.

5. Always, have the end result in mind.

6. Skip questions as and when you are most challenged, do not let your ego dominate.

7. Take as many practice tests as possible under timed-conditions at regular intervals.

8. Reflect on your responses to know your strengths and weaknesses.

9. Memorize formulas tested on the SAT as that can help you save time.

10. Try to complete each math section with 3 to 5 minutes remaining towards the end to go over the questions and your responses.

SAT Preparation Course in Dubai, Sharjah, Mussafah & Abu Dhabi UAE

The SAT is taken by students who are planning to seek after their college degree from an exceedingly positioned college, particularly in the usa. SAT is a 4 hour test separated into two segments, English and math, just as an option essay area.



Group Training includes training sessions with maximum class strength of 6-7 students.Group training batches are available on both weekdays and weekends.

Group Sessions

Need more doubt clearing and personal review sessions.Enroll in our Private sessions with unlimited doubt clearing sessions.Personal attention with 1-1 reviews

Private Sessions

Study at your own pace.Get latest subject course materials & answer keys


Course Material


SAT Classes in Dubai DIFC

Course Start Date End Date Days Timing
SAT Classes in Dubai, DIFC 1 April 1 May Sunday-Thursday 5pm to 8om
SAT Classes in Dubai 31 March 30 April Friday, Saturday 11am to 2 pm

SAT Classes in Dubai, JLT

Course Start Date End Date Days Timing
SAT Classes in Dubai, JLT 1 April 30 April Monday- Thursday 6pm to 9 pm

SAT Prep Classes Abu Dhabi

Course Start Date End Date Days Timing
SAT Prep Course Abu Dhabi Friday 2 pm to 5 pm

SAT Classes in Sharjah

Course Start Date End Date Days Timing
SAT Training Classes Sharjah Every Friday After 6 weeks Fri-Sat 2-5 pm

SAT Prep Course Mussafah

Course Start Date End Date Days Timing
SAT Course Mussafah Every Friday After 6 weeks Fri & Sat 10-1 pm
no data


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