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About BMAT

The BioMedical Admissions Test serves as an admissions test to biomedical and dental courses at certain universities in the UK, Sing The three sections in the test has been designed to measure various skills such as problem solving, data interpretation, application of scientific knowledge, and your ability to communicate your ideas effectively through a written task. BMAT is one of the requirements of the application process, stand-alone do not determine the chance of acceptance by a university.

BMAT Test Format
















One writing task from a choice of three questions

Quality of Content

1 to 5

Quality of English

A to E

BMAT Sections

Aptitude and Skills

The questions in this section are outlined to measure your ability to comprehend an argument, to analyze a data set, to problem solve, and to draw conclusions based on a fusion set of data presented in the question.

This section is challenging as it aims to measure a few subskills of reasoning such as drawing relevant data from the factual set, detecting flaws and so on. In this section, 35 multiple-choice questions to be answered in 60 minutes with less than 2 minutes per question.

Scientific Knowledge and Applications

This section revolves around measuring your strength in conceptual knowledge and the ability to use it in practical situations. The questions are framed on high school subjects’ content of Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics as these subjects lay a foundation for any bio-medical science related study. All the questions in this section are multiple-choice. 27 questions are to be answered in 30 minutes with approximately a minute per question.

Writing task

The writing task on the BMAT provides an opportunity to you to demonstrate how well you can express your thoughts clearly through a written piece of work. Universities that you select in the UCAS portal will receive a copy of your response to the writing task. It will used by the universities to assess your writing on multiple parameters such as how appropriate was your judgement and perception of the topic, did your writing adhere to standard written English conventions, was your writing structured, was the expression of your idea transparent and so on. You are required to select one task out of the three tasks given. You may outline what you want to write and how you want to structure on a notepad before you start writing. The software on which you write neither has an auto-spell check nor a grammar-check software. You get 30 minutes to complete this task make sure to have at least two minutes towards the end to proofread what you have written.

BMAT Scoring

On the BMAT, there is no threshold to pass the test. It’s better to score as much as you can.

Each correct response in sections 1 and 2 is awarded 1 mark to get the raw score, these raw scores are then converted to a scale from 1(low) to 9(high).

Majority of the BMAT takers score a 5, the best ones score a 6 and a few exceptional ones score a 7 on the test.

Writing task is graded by two trained raters on two different parameters – quality of content on a scale from 0 to 5 and quality of written English on a scale A, C and E.

The final score will be an average of the two scores. For example: Rater 1 – quality of content score is 4 Rater 1 – quality of written English score is A Rater 2 – quality of content score is 3 Rater 2 – quality of written English score is C The final writing score: 3.5B


BMAT Test Fee




BMAT Score Reports

A pdf of statement of results will be made available online for 60 days. The score will be reported to the universities of your choice.

BMAT must be taken only once in an admission cycle and the score is valid only for that particular admission cycle.

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BMAT DIFC Dubai Every Friday After 4 weeks Fri & Sat or Sun & Tue 5-7 pm


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BMAT JLT Dubai Friday-Saturday 4 Weeks BMAT Prep Course 5-7 pm

BMAT Abu Dhabi

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BMAT Abu Dhabi Every Monday After 4 weeks Mon-Wed 5-7 pm

BMAT Sharjah

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BMAT Course Sharjah Every Sunday After 4 weeks Sun-Tue 5-7 pm
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