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American College Testing, popularly known as ACT is a test introduced to measure a skill parallel to reasoning which is conceptual knowledge. ACT is an American standardized test designed and developed by ACT Inc., a non-profit organization.

The test was first proctored in the year 1959. The number of ACT test takers has gradually increased over a period of time, for the first time in 2011 the number of ACT test takers was more than the number SAT test takers. ACT and SAT are equally accepted by the universities. Taking either of these tests can help you meet your admissions requirement.

The test measures your core skills such as comprehension, in-depth knowledge of a subject being discussed, and problem solving skills through multiple choice questions across four sections and writing skills through an optional writing section.

 ACT classes are conducted both online and classroom sessions at our office in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah

ACT Classes are of a total of 60 hour which includes ACT training sessions on English, Maths, Reading, Science and Writing.

Students will have access to over 1500 plus ACT questions & 15 computer based mock test. Test takers will have unlimited doubt clearing sessions followed by refresher training sessions just few days before the exam date.


  • ACT classes in JLT - Dubai - Monday- Tuesday
  • ACT classes in Emirates Tower Branch- Tuesday-Wednesday
  • ACT classes in Motor City Branch - Dubai - Monday Wednesday
  • ACT classes in Al Nahda Branch- Dubai - Thursday- Friday
  • ACT classes in Sharjah - Friday- Saurday-Sunday
  • ACT classes in Hamdan St - Abu Dhabi - Friday- Saurday-Sunday
  • ACT classes in Mussafah- Abu Dhab - Monday-Tuesday-Friday



English Test

This section consists of five essays/passages with each essay/passage followed by a series of multiple-choice questions. All passages will have multiple underlined portions based on which the questions that follow the passage need to be answered. The underlined portions measure your understanding of Standard English conventions, the way the sentence is structured, punctuation, coherence in topic development, knowledge of the language through style, tone, and word choice. Passages are selected for the English test not just to measure your writing skills but also to explore your interests. Three different scores are reported, each one for production of writing, knowledge of the language, and conventions of Standard English along with the section score of the English test on a scale from 1 to 36.


Math Test

This section is designed to assess your mathematical skills that are prerequisites for your successful performance in an undergrad program. The section includes 60 multiple-choice questions with a few questions being part of a set of several questions. The concepts tested in this section are the concepts that you learned in school until the beginning of 12th grade. The test can be nailed with a knowledge of a few basic formulae and good computational skills. Use of scientific or graphing calculator is allowed during this test. This section does not expect you to be proficient with complex formulae and extensive calculation. Eight different scores are reported, each one for Number and Quantity, Algebra, Functions, Geometry, Statistics and Probability,Integrating essential skills, and Modeling along with the section score of the Math test on a scale from 1 to 36.


Reading Test

The test measures your ability to understand and extract explicit and implicit meanings as per the context of the question. The questions usually ask you to determine the main idea of the passage, to find and comprehend a specific detail in the passage, to understand the flow of events through the passage, to compare and contrast ideas presented in the passage, to look for contextual clauses, and the use of words in context. These multiple-choice questions are tested across four passages with three long passages and one passage consisting of two short passages. These passages are selected based on the curricula of the first year undergrad program. The passage starts with a brief note on, the type of passage (for e.g., Literary Narrative, Natural Science, and so on), from where the passage has been extracted, and who is the author of the passage. Three different scores are reported, each one for Key Ideas and Detail, Craft and Structure, and Integration of Knowledge and ideas along with the section score of the Reading test on a scale from 1 to 36.

Science Test

This section is designed to measure your problem-solving skills, and ability to interpret, and develop multiple viewpoints for the inconsistent data based on natural sciences. A few questions in this section expect you to have a specific introductory content knowledge from your high school science subjects. All the questions in this section are multiple-choice questions with multiple question formats. A set of questions come with a visual data in the form of tabular columns, and graphs similar to the ones that you find in science journals. Remaining questions come with written paragraphs providing information on multiple experiments conducted or a set of inconsistent data to produce multiple viewpoints. The questions in the science test are presented in three formats - Data Representation, Research Summaries, and Conflicting Viewpoints. Three different scores are reported, each one for Interpretation of Data, Scientific Investigation, Evaluation of Models, Inferences, and Experimental Results along with the section score of the Reading test on a scale from 1 to 36.

Writing Test (Optional)

Depending on the universities’ requirement you may consider registering for the ACT with or without the writing test. This section does not influence your final composite score. The section has been designed to measure your writing skills that are essential and part of your English composition courses at school and college. This section presents an issue with three different perspectives on it. Your essay will be graded based on how well you analyzed the issue and the perspectives given, developed and stated your own perspective on the issue presented and compared your perspective with the ones that were presented with the issue. Four domain scores will be reported for this section for Ideas and Analysis, Development and Support, Organization, and Language Use and Conventions categories. An overall writing score will be reported on a scale from 2 to 12.





* NON – U.S. REGIONAL FEE for Middle-East countries: $57.50


Every time you take the ACT, you get an option to report four free score reports to the colleges of your choice. You can avail four free score reporting option from the day you register for the test till five days after the test date, after this period for each score report there will be an additional fee of $13. You can request for an additional score report for a fee of $13 per score report.


The test score is computed based on the number of questions answered correctly in each section. Total the number of questions answered correctly in a section to get a Raw score. A Raw score of each section is then converted to a scale score with the help of a conversion chart or an algorithm to give you a sectional score from 1 to 36.

Once after computing scale scores of all four sections – English, Math, Reading and Science, take the average of scale scores of four sections, round off the average to the nearest whole number to get a composite score from 1 to 36. Writing test does not have an impact on your composite score. The writing test is graded by two trained raters.

Each one of them will score the section on four different domains on a scale from 1 to 6 using the ACT writing test scoring rubric. Each domain score is a sum of scores given by two raters. The overall writing test score from 2 to 12 is the average of four domain scores rounded to the nearest whole number. If the two raters’ scores differ by more than 1 point then a third rater will grade the section to resolve the discrepancy.





























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