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Do you really need an admission consultant?

  • 02/27/2021

Do I need an admission counsellor? There is enough information on the internet, so why don't I just do it myself? This is a question many students ask once they decide to study abroad. But is the process really that straight forward? Let us check.

What most of the aspirants do not realize is the fact that the number of universities and the courses feasible to one’s interest of study is so vast and confounding that anyone can have double thoughts when it comes to making a decision. You might think, “Was that my best choice?” Well… ! How do you know?!

Let’s say you finally decided on a course and a place to study. Is that all? There are still other questions that you need to be clear on, like,  “Did you choose the best university according to your academic qualifications?” “What are the documents to be submitted?” “How much will it cost?” Will you get any financial support?” “Are you eligible for scholarships?” “Where can you find accommodation?” and many more..  Now what??...  You may swoop into the  boundless knowledge you find on the internet again. But, were those responses the most recent ones? Are you sure you want to choose the most crucial decision of your life according to such generic information? 

We will definitely leave it up to you. But before you go back in there, have a peek at what the admission counselors at Brighter-prep do. 

Step 1 : Meet our Education expert

Brighter-Prep has expert counsellors specialised for each region. So, depending on your choice of destination we provide you with the best advice that's available with the latest updates. 

Step 2 : Decide your course of study

The counsellors will take a background check on your academics, talk to you about your interests, personal goals and narrow down your options to the best few. Each course suitable for you will be explained with its outcome and it becomes much simpler for you to make a decision on what you want to study. Now, that sounds easy! Isn’t it? 

Step 3 : Avail Funding Options

There is plenty of financial assistance available for students who are keen to study abroad. Most of the universities provide options like study abroad payment plans, merit scholarships, sports or activity scholarships or you may also avail private loan plans or grants. Your consultant will help you to find the best option available for you! 

Step 4 : Assistance on Essays

Personal statements or SOPs are one of the most important elements for getting an admission in the best universities. Our consultants are well experienced and have a long past with students and hence will advise you on how to draft your statement so that it has the perfect elements. 

Step 5 : Preparation for Interviews

Some universities might require you to attend an interview before admission. This is also beneficial for you as you get to show them in person who you are and explain what interests you to join the university and what you can contribute. As it makes an impact in your application process and requires a lot of preparation, the counselors here will give you the expert guidance on how to attend the same. You just need to follow them!

Step 6 : Pre-Departure Guidance

So now as you have your acceptance letter after all the hurdles, you would require to find an accommodation in your study destination. Some universities might provide you assistance, however, it might not be according to your preference. So you need to decide where you want to stay; on-campus facility or somewhere with scenic view or towards the city side?. Your consultant at Brighter-Prep will assist you to find some awesome places to stay according to your choice!

And that's not all. You may contact them at any point, from the start of your application process until you get settled in the new study environment! 

So why wait, make a call now to simplify your process and get a guaranteed admission to your favourite study destination abroad! 


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