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Vinod Kumar

Quant Trainer

20 Years

Name: Vinod Kumar
Qualification: Double Masters in Mathematics
Experience: 19 Years of Experience in Teaching, Counseling
Interest: Memory Techniques, Building Careers of Doctors, Engineers and Business professionals
Overall: Scored 96 % on GMAT, 98% on GRE, 100% on SAT

Rashmi Menon

Verbal Faculty

15 Years

Name : Rashmi Menon
Qualification : Graduate
Experience : 14 years - training for standardized tests
Interest : Passionate about training, meeting and interacting with people, reading.
Overall- IELTS- Band 9, Master Trainer certification


Verbal Trainer

29 years

Name: R.Vijayaragavan
Qualification: MA(English), MA(Language, Linguistics), MBA(HR, Marketing), M.Phil(Management), CELTA
Experience: 29 Years
Interest: Reading Novels, Computers, Cycling, Music, Badmington, Table Tennis, Travel, Trekking.
Overall: Ive taught English for different requirements,Schools, Colleges and examination preparation such as IELTS, SAT, GMAT, etc. Ive taught in India, Oman, UK and UAE

Asha Venkateshmurthy

Quant Trainer

8 Years

Name: Asha Venkateshmurthy
Qualification: B.E in Electronics and Communication
Experience: 8 Years of Teaching Experience
Interest: Dancing, Reading books, Writing book review
Overall: GMAT Quant 49

Vivek Wadhwani

Quant Trainer

3 Years

Name: Vivek Wadhwani
Qualification: B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
Experience: 3 Years of Teaching Experience
Interest: Mathematics, Programming, Reading, Working Out
Overall: GMAT Math 49/51

Aathira Mohan

Verbal Trainer

4 years

Name: Aathira Mohan
Qualification: M.Sc Mathematics
Experience: 4 Years
Interest: Travelling, Reading, Languages, Volunteering.
Overall: I am adept at training both the Verbal and Quantitative sections of GRE, SAT, UCAT & BMAT; English proficiency courses such as IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, and English language.

Shreya Ojha Mishra

Verbal Trainer

4 Years

Name: Shreya Ojha Mishra
Qualification:BA English Hons. and Masters in English
Experience: 4 Years
Interest: Reading, Dancing, Theater, Writing poetry.
Overall: She has an expertise in GRE vocabulary training. She has produced record breaking scores in Verbal.

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