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Test Score : 2770

University Acceptance : Sheffield, UClan, New Castle 

Thank you very much Brighter Prep for the support and guidance.

Ashna Arif

(University Admission)

Choosing a career, as well as where to study it, can be a difficult decision for many. Visiting Brighter Prep, in Abu Dhabi, with their exceptional methods of career-counseling and easing application processes has proved this last statement otherwise. It goes without saying, the staff, with their hard work, dedication and excellent team-working skills, play an integral role in this. I am very grateful to them for being there during the daunting process of applying for medicine in the U.K.(it is not as scary as it sounds), where they encouraged me every step of the way. Thank you everyone else working at Brighter Prep for the immense support during my tenure there.


Dasrh Thakur

(University Admission)

My time here has been a pleasure and I would like to thank the all the teachers and staff for the excellent guidance and support that has been given to me. The university application period was quite stressful for me but having experienced counselors to discuss my decisions with made the process much more efficient. Because of the practice orientated teaching here I was able to maximize my test scores and have the chance to attend some of my dream universities. Off to university!

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Diya Kundu

(SAT & Colllege Admissions)

University Acceptances : Mc MAster, Queens Western, University of Ottawa, Brock, IOWA State University, Stony Brook University, IUPUI, University of Oklahoma, Seton Hall.

A Big Thank U

As I’m preparing to finally leave for college, I want to thank the entire Brighter Prep team for their continuous help and support & for going above and beyond in guiding and facilitating the whole college admissions process. You provided a context for the admissions process that I would have never had on my own and your firm yet compassionate guidance was invaluable in assisting me throughout this challenging yet very fulfilling journey.

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Im very happy with the outcome of my collaboration with Brighter Prep JLT branch, amazing and professional team of educators, very supportive and helpful. They really dont feel satisfied until they see you succeed in your project. A big thanks for helping me score a 700 in the GMAT. Not only do they help you learn the tricks but they also support you mentally to overcome the struggles. I really recommend the Brighter Prep team if you are considering taking a GMAT.

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Meghna Jain

(SAT & University Admission)

 SAT SCORE: 1500

I joined Brighter Prep mainly for SAT coaching and counselling for university applications. The coaches are very patient and each of their classes is effective. They helped me a lot when I needed extra classes or wanted extra resources to practice. My counsellors, have guided me and helped me improve my application. Overall, the entire team is extremely supportive and I am grateful for all their efforts.

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Rishab Bharadwaj

(University Admission)

 Brighter Prep has immensely helped me in my application process for medicine, all the way from the initial counseling session, to the preparation for the entrance exams and the application process. The guidance I received was invaluable in helping me secure all my offers. Id highly recommend Brighter Prep to any one for guaranteed success in the cumbersome university application process.

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Nishika Bindru

(SAT - University Admission)

 University : UOT

I joined Brighter Prep at the start of IB to get help with my university applications. I found that the teachers who helped me with ACT and SAT II preparation were very accommodating and effective. I really appreciated.I also got a lot of support from admission counselors as they guided me on how to approach college specific essays and online interviews, and their advice ultimately helped me bag multiple scholarships. Overall, the entire team at Brighter Prep worked well together to provide an extremely encouraging and supportive environment. I am very happy with how my university applications have turned out and grateful for the entire team who had my back throughout the process

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Abhimanyu Baruah



I joined brighter prep a year ago for UKCAT preparation. The classes were helpful and informative, which helped in a truly difficult exam. The teachers are genuinely interested in helping the students and are always around to give assistance. Additionally, I even signed up for counselling for medicine in U.K. Admission Counselors are extremely knowledgeable, their input was well appreciated and they were very helpful in the process. The whole brighter prep team is extremely friendly and outgoing and are a pleasure to work with

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Kaivalya Vohra


ACT 36/36; SAT II Math 800/800 & Physics 800/800.

Brighter Prep helped me massively to prepare for the ACT and as a result I got a perfect score of 36. Admission Counselors has also been helping me a lot with my essays and university decisions for which Im very grateful.

Emile Timothy Anand

(University Admission)

Universities Accepted: Caltech, UPenn, UC Berkeley, Columbia, Imperial College London, UCL

I went to Brighter Prep approximately a year before I sent in my applications to the US and UK. During my time at Brighter Prep, I met and worked with various counsellors and editors, who threw light on the admissions process on the whole, helped me brainstorm the content for my essays, and helped me rework, reshape, 

and finalize them (something which I think is the main crux of applications to the US). They were extremely warm, friendly, and effective: by helping me set deadlines and SMART personal goals, they worked closely with me, helping me throughout the entire process. The Counselors helped me gather greater self-confidence and was able to guide me throughout the entire applications process. As a culmination of my application, I was admitted into the undergraduate programs for Caltech, UPenn, UC Berkeley, Columbia, Imperial College London, UCL, and few others. This fall, I will join Caltechs class of 2023 to study and engage in research in the field of Physics. Id like to give a massive thank you to the Brighter Prep team!

Prachet Jain

(SAT - University Admission)


Brighter Prep has been instrumental in helping me gain acceptances into some of the top Universities of the world. Their staff personalised their advice to fit my portfolio and helped me exhibit the best version of myself to the admissions officers of universities. Their instructors for standardised testing helped me achieve brilliant scores in all the necessary tests. I highly recommend them for securing a bright future


Mehul Panicker

(University Admission)

Joined Brighter Prep having absolutely no idea how I was going to get  into a university for an MBBS course. Honestly dont believe I wouldve even gotten an offer if not Brighter Prep. Counselors had the answers to every question I could ask and were extremely supportive throughout the entire ordeal. Would like to express my deepest gratitude to staff at Brighter Prep.

Smith Kachhy

(University Admission)

University Accepted: INSEAD

I joined Brighter prep as I was struggling to put in a competitive B School application. My counsellors helped me to put together some very well written essays. The whole essay writing process was organic where they helped me to brainstorm stories rather than ghost writing them for me. Brighter Prep helped me to streamline my efforts and put in applications which I feel very proud of. This has culminated into me getting an admit from INSEAD. What differentiates this institute is that they are not merely a bunch of competitive academia professionals but also great sounding boards who are empathetic of the candidates professional lives. The institute attracts students from all nationalities which underlines how well it embraces diversity. I am indebted to these guys for helping me to evolve into a more complete professional.

Prerna Prasanth

(University Admission)

University Acceptances : UCLAN, RCSI.

Professional Team of experts offering best in class training and counseling services

Top Students

Arisma Arora


UCAT 3080/3600; ACT 34/36; SAT II Math 800/800, Bio 800/800, Chem 760/800.

Got Offers from Kings College London & Liverpool for Medicine, UC Berkeley, UIUC, UOFT (w/ 100k scholarship) for Molecular and Cellular Biology.

I joined brighter prep 2 years before applying to university and not only did they help me figure out my passion but they also guided me to chart out my own roadmap to achieve those goals. The staff at BrighterPrep is extremely friendly and I enjoyed all the classes and meetings. They were also very flexible with timings and the training classes for standardized tests were very thorough. I am grateful to my counsellors and trainers at Brighter Prep for helping me get into my dream universities.

Top Students

Huda Ahmed

(SAT- College Admission)

 SAT 1530/1600

Got Admitted to University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. with scholarship of $60,000 with an additional $1,400 for undergraduate research.

I availed the counseling services at Brighter Prep to create an action plan for my university admissions. My counselor, Varun Jain, helped me decide which universities were best fitted for the course I wanted to pursue, and helped me define the approach I would take when drafting up my admissions essays. Even though I wasn’t a part of the SAT preparation classes delivered by the institute, I was able to drop-in whenever I wanted to take timed practice exams for free! I’m really grateful for the support I received from Brighter Prep, and can’t thank them enough for their hard work!

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