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Nasim Mosavi

I would like to take this opportunity to thank BRIGHTERPREP GMAT team, specially Ms.Asha, Ms.Iunia and Ms.Sara for the excellent coaching which helped me in achieving this feat. I would also like to thank them for their constant support in overcoming doubts and providing time-saving techniques that helped me excel in the actual exam. I received professional support more than my expectation

Joanne Jacob
(SAT Math Level II)

My Name is Joanne Jacob. I joined Brighter Prep for SAT Subject (Math Level II) just a month prior to mu actual test. Mr. Vivek Was my trainer. He would explain the concepts well and ensured if I understood teh subject. Ms. Sara always asked me about my sessions and calmed me for reducing the stress. She provided full assistance and always keptme and my mom updated for all the schedules and test reports. I wish all students of Brighter Prep "BEST OF LUCK" and hope they achieve their desired score. Thanks You

Rishi Joshi
I am a student and joined Brighter Admissions for ACT Preparation. Miss Divya was my trainer. She gave me one to one focus. She looked through all my mistakes and helped me counter them with specific strategies. She allowed me to ask all questions. Her constant feedback and tips helped me achieve a desired score. Sara and Roshan were also very helpful and motivated me to work hard. For a good score, do lots of practice and learn from mistakes
Tahle Mukhtar

I am 17 years old girl studying A levels (Year 13) at Dubai College. I would like to apply to the UK for Medicine. My trainers were Asha and Divya.

They were very patient and went into depth for explanations. It was evident that they wanted us to achieve the best score possible. Sara was so lovely and helpful.

I wrote her a message whenever I had questions and she was quick to reply. She always updated me on schedules. GOOD LUCK!

The most important thing is practice – teach yourself the skills you know, you will use a lot in the test and apply them correctly.

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