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About OET

The Occupational English Test – OET is an international English language test specially designed for professionals from the healthcare sector.

The test is jointly managed by Cambridge English Language Assessment and Box Hill Institute. The test measures English language skills across four components – listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The test primarily focuses on communication skills in healthcare setting.

OET is recognized by many organizations including regulatory healthcare boards and council, Australian Department

OET Test Format









A(Highest) to E(Lowest)




A(Highest) to E(Lowest)




A(Highest) to E(Lowest)




A(Highest) to E(Lowest)

OET Test Sections

Listening sub-test

The two parts of this section has around 20 to 28 questions which need to be completed in about 50 minutes. All the audios will be related to healthcare setting. Each audio clip is 15 minutes long. You are expected to answer the questions while you listen, audio will be paused for you to write your answers.

Part A – consultation: An audio clip will be played related to doctor-patient consultation. Here you are expected to take notes to fill in your answers under relevant headings.

Part B – presentation: A recorded talk or a lecture, a monologue related to healthcare will be played. Here you are expected to complete a set of multiple choice and open ended questions.

Reading sub-test

This section consists of two parts that takes 60 minutes to complete the section. The extracts are selected from generic healthcare topics.

Part A – summary task: during this task you read around 650 words by skimming and scanning to get the gist of the topic presented. You have to fill around 25 to 35 blanks overall in 15 minutes.

Part B –multiple – choice questions: this part consists of two passages of each 600 to 800 words long followed by 16 to 20 questions overall to be answered in 45 minutes.

Writing sub-test

This section is 45 minutes long. In this section, you will be given a specific task relevant to your profession, for example, a nurse will be given a task specific to nursing. Usually you will be asked to write a referral letter, or a discharge letter, or a letter of advise or so on. Case related documents are provided with the task to complete the task.

Speaking sub-test

Speaking test is conducted 1 on 1 basis for a duration of 20 minutes. During the test, you will be a part of two role-plays specific to your profession. If you are a doctor by profession, in the role-play, you will be a doctor and the interlocutor will be a patient or a carer or a patient’s relative. Task cards will be given on which the details of the role-play will be mentioned. You get 2 to 3 minutes to prepare for it, during your preparation time if you have any doubts related to these role-plays you may get that clarified.

OET Test Scoring

Reading part B is scanned and scored by computer. Reading part A, and listening are scored by OET trained assessors with the help of OET Reading and Listening detailed guide. Scoring of these sections is monitored and the scoring is double-checked for accuracy.

Writing and speaking sections are scored by at least two OET trained assessors, these assessors are randomly assigned to audio files and written tasks to grade to ensure fairness.

The scores are adjusted depending on assessors’ lenience or severity in scoring. Scoring of these sections is monitored for accuracy and consistency.

OET Test Fee

Test Fee – AUD 587 (Australian Dollars)

OET Test Dates

OET Test Score Reports

After the result is published, you can login to your account on the OET official website to access your Statement of Results online. An official hard copy of your result will be posted around 10 business days after the results are made available online. OET result is not sent by email, fax or phone.

The score report includes all the test scores of the tests taken in the past two years. The recent test score will be reported for four sub-tests on a scale from A(highest) to E(lowest).

The validity of the test score is solely dependent on the boards, councils, government departments, and other bodies’ OET requirements. Your score will be made available to the authorities of your choice on the OET website via secure access which is controlled and managed by OET center management.


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